From the moment I picked up Nan Brown Self’s book, Forgiveness: Making Space For Grace, something wonderful began to occur.  I became keenly aware of the power of forgiveness and how much God wants us to be free of the guilt and shame of the past. If you need to forgive someone, including yourself, this book offers real hope, help and healing!

Babbie Mason Award-winning singer, songwriter and author


Jesus takes forgiveness seriously. It is not only crucial to a healthy lifestyle in this present life but the willingness to forgive is indisputable evidence of our relationship to Jesus. By His grace, our massive debt of sin has been forgiven. It is a moral monstrosity to not forgive when we’ve been forgiven much. But it’s not easy. If you are willing to make some space for grace in your own life, the principles in this book, born out of Nan Brown Self’s own personal journey, will lead you through a process of forgiveness that will benefit you both in this life and in the life to come.

Gary Brandenburg Lead Pastor Fellowship Dallas


Nan Brown Self has written a book that is both personal and Biblical on one of the most important issues of our day, forgiveness. As the Founder of Reconciliation Outreach I have seen the destruction of unforgiveness in our society and believe that making space for forgiveness in your life is a vital need for both the church and the world.

Dorothy Moore Chairman of the Board & Founder of Reconciliation Outreach


As a minister of God’s word and founder of the Heart of Forgiveness Ministry, I believe that Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace is a great book. The reader of this book can see that Nan’s heartfelt desire is to set other’s free from the bondage of unforgiveness. I appreciate the helpful tools for further study and the prayers at the end of every chapter.  Along with instruction on forgiveness, this book explains the bondage of passivity and how you can overcome it better than any other book I have ever read. 

Jolene McCord Founder Heart of Forgiveness Ministry, Inc.


The Greeks taught us about ethos, pathos, and logos and Nan Brown Self brings it to us!  In Forgiveness:  Making Space for Grace, the author is the real deal. She pours her heart into writing this book and that heart has a lifetime of education, experience, and expertise in dealing with people and helping them.  The book is jam-packed with scripture, illustrations from real life, and practical application.  She will walk you through the complete process, every clear step of the way, so that YOU can make space for grace in your life and the lives of those you care about.

George B. Burriss II, DMin, PhD minister, psychologist, speaker


Nan’s book, Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace, is the most comprehensive teaching on forgiveness that I have ever encountered. It helps anyone to turn to Christ and be able to be released from the bondage of their past through opening the door of forgiveness in their heart. She has helped me to understand how to receive the gifts of grace and peace by truly forgiving myself and others.

David A. English Cru. Leadership Development Author, The Eternal Bond


Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace is a wonderful, heartfelt invitation to let go of unforgiveness. Rooted in biblical wisdom, and always pointing toward Jesus, what this book offers, in a word, is freedom. 

Bryan Dunagan Senior Pastor, Highland Park Presbyterian Church


In these days of incivility and hostility Nan Brown Self’s message of hope and restoration through forgiveness is welcome.  Her helpful process outlines the way to Christian freedom.  Nan’s earnest desire for all Christians to experience the joy of living in forgiveness gives her writing an urgency and strength.

Brenda A. Smith, President Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute BWF Project, Inc.


Nan Brown Self is a remarkable person with gifted compassion and love, deep wisdom and common sense, and amazing forgiveness and grace.  She has written a profound book which will bless many people with wondrous forgiveness and generous grace.  The book will help both individuals and study groups.  Her helpful insights and suggestions, reflective questions, worksheets, and prayers will stir and advance your experience and understanding of forgiveness and grace in your life. 

Dr. Kennon L. Callahan, Ph. D. Best Selling Author, Researcher, Professor, Consultant, Pastor


Nan Brown Self has given us a treasured gift in her book, Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace. She helps us understand how the grace of forgiveness brings peace and harmony to our souls. Open your heart now to God’s amazing love as you learn to make space for the grace of forgiveness. It can set you free!

Lana Bateman President/ Director Phillipian Ministries Author, Help for Hurting Hearts


Nan Brown Self has diligently put forgiveness into an anointed and practical handbook! I walked through the developing content of Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace in my early twenties. Applying the sound, clear, biblical principles of forgiveness has now blessed four generations in my family!  Nan’s insightful process positioned me to ask the Holy Spirit to identify bitter root judgments which made space for grace to live free indeed!  It has made room for Jesus to love through me with grace and truth as a daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend, professional and a grandmother next year!  A life impacting read!

Ginnie Johnson, King’s Daughters



I would like to thank Ginnie Johnson for making her New Heart painting exclusively available for the cover of Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace. She is a beloved Bible student of mine who learned the principles of forgiveness and made them a part of her life several decades ago. Through sharing forgiveness with others, she has blessed the lives of her family, friends, and King’s Daughters’ customers. You can connect to her website at


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