Ambassador of Forgiveness

Posted by in Nan's Blog on Aug 13, 2017

The steps of forgiveness can set you free from the binding power of unforgiveness by opening the door to the prison of unforgiveness as you forgive. When you walk in forgiveness, you are set free to leave the past behind you by faith. As you make the choice to quit dragging your past behind you, you can embrace each day of your life because you are free to live in the present and look forward to the future.

This book is an investment in your life and future. If you have received the grace of forgiveness from Jesus, He wants you to share that forgiveness with others. When you release someone from your unforgiveness, you have a chance to change your life and their life by forgiving them. If you forgive five people and each one of those five people forgives five people, you could be part of a revolution that releases others into the freedom of forgiveness. The forgiveness that you give to other people increases as they forgive.

Forgiveness frees you from the past and the burdens of the past. God has made provision for you to release all of your burdens to Him. Forgiveness brings healing to your life and the lives of others.

I encourage you to become an ambassador of forgiveness. The land of forgiveness has many benefits and blessings. There are two requirements to becoming a forgiveness ambassador. Learn everything that you can about forgiveness and practice forgiveness daily. Accept the challenge to set yourself and others free as you make space for grace in your heart through forgiveness.