God Sees Something in You that You Don’t See in Yourself

Posted by in Nan's Blog on Jul 11, 2017

In the Roots of Unforgiveness chapter in Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace, I have written about the righteous root in my family, my grandmother Grace. She reflected Christ’s character; she was joyful in her faith and she was a grateful person. She had a loving heart and she prayed for her family and friends. She also had a servant’s heart and enjoyed helping people in need. She saw something in me that I did not see in myself. Through her love and acceptance of me, she showed me that I had gifts and abilities that I did not recognize.

God sees many gifts in each one of us. Often these are gifts and talents that we don’t see in ourselves. If we will listen and observe carefully, God will show us who we are as He sees us. He is very familiar with our aptitudes and characteristics. He can reveal who we are in the most unexpected ways.

Think about your childhood and remember what you liked to do that was easy or fun for you. Did you enjoy drawing, painting or writing? Have you ever written the words to a song or the music for a song? Did you enjoy playing a musical instrument or singing? Is there a sport that you really enjoyed participating in? Any of the above questions can be used to discover some gifts or aptitudes that God has given you.

When you begin to think about what God sees in you, keep several things in mind. His deep love for you is not limited by any conditions. He values and esteems you just as you are. You do not have to perform for Him. God values your potential and the abilities that He has given to you. Recognize and acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses so that He can use them in your life.

To discover the qualities that God sees in you, ask Him to show them to you. Trust Him completely so that you can be your true self with Him. He will bring out the best in you.