Fear and Pride are Sins

Posted by in Nan's Blog on Jun 12, 2017

Both fear and pride have roots that come from the spiritual power of sin. They can put your focus entirely on yourself. The purpose of fear is to turn you away from God’s love and protection. Fear can be called a root sin because it spreads its roots and joins to other root sins like pride.

Pride is also a sin. The spiritual power of pride can influence a person to worship himself or herself and turn away from God. They fear that their needs will not be met by God or anyone else so they try to meet their own needs.

Pride and fear can grow into an extensive root system within a person’s heart. They can lead to idolatry and are both powerful spiritual forces that can lead to separation from God. They can also prevent you from putting your faith and trust in God, His direction and His power.

When you recognize pride or fear in your life, confess them as sins. Ask God to deprive them of life. (Colossians 2:13-14) Repent of pride and fear and fall out of agreement with them. Ask God to give you a heart of faith and humility. Receive your new heart by putting your faith in God and His power. Thank Him for His faithfulness.