God is the Ultimate Recycler

Posted by in Nan's Blog on Dec 6, 2017

Because God’s knowledge of you is all encompassing, He is able to meet your needs. He can meet your needs for unconditional love, acceptance, worth, value, recognition, security, comfort, nurture and emotional nourishment. He knows and understands each struggle and victory in your life.

Nothing is hidden from Him. He is with you in this moment. Everything that you encounter in your life is used by God to prepare you for your future. The challenges that you have and the life skills that you learn today are preparation for tomorrow.

God wants to use everything that you go through including your joys and sorrows. Every painful experience and every difficult day can be redeemed when it is filtered through your relationship to God. He is the ultimate recycler of your life. He will use everything that you go through if you let Him. Each situation that you encounter has a purpose from God’s perspective. He has many lessons to teach you. God Himself chooses these lessons on a uniquely individual basis. Life is meant to be full of learning experiences that you share with others for your benefit and theirs.

I have wondered many times in my life why the Lord allowed someone or a group of people to hurt me, members of my family or friends. I have decided that one reason is that He wants me to pray for the person or persons who inflicted the pain.

You can respond to any offense against you through prayer. I believe that the prayer of forgiveness can change your personal world as well as the world around you. You can share the life-changing release of forgiveness with everyone, whether they know that you are praying for them or not. Prayer is a powerful tool for change at any time.

You can pray for yourself or anyone else at any time. When you enter into prayer, God uses you and your faith in Him to bring about change .You become an agent of change and an ambassador for the Lord everywhere you go. He wants to bring you out of a regular day on this earth into a God-centered and God-focused life. This kind of life brings you love, joy, peace, and rest.

The struggles that you are facing prepare you for the lessons that you need to learn in order to live the unique life that has been designed just for you by the creator of the universe, your father God. You are precious to Him.