The Peace and Freedom of Forgiveness

Posted by in Nan's Blog on May 9, 2017

A listener wrote to me after hearing several of my interviews.

She wrote, “Nan, I listened to your interview on the Debbie Chavez Show and I enjoyed it so much that I listened to your interview on the Woman to Woman Show! Both interviews were so engaging that I lost track of time. After much reflection, I realized I had more work to do regarding the forgiveness of others and myself.

When you spoke about separating the offender from the offense and forgiving the person but not having to forgive what the person did to you, that was the missing tool for me. During your conversation with William, the gentleman who called during your Woman to Woman interview, I learned I hadn’t asked God to remove any unforgiveness from my heart and that I needed to release those feelings to Him.

I have started reading your book and it’s as if you are reading it to me! Thank you for sharing the power of forgiveness!”

The Peace and Freedom of Forgiveness

After beginning the process of forgiving, the listener mentioned that she felt weightless and it was a good feeling.

I understand that feeling because I have experienced it too. When the burden of sin is lifted, there is a release in your spirit and a light feeling in your heart.

The listener said that she had been dragging her past with her for far too long. As long as you hold on to your own past offenses and the offenses of others, you are bound to the past and you take it with you wherever you go. It affects your spirit, soul, and body.

When you confess your sins and turn from them, you can leave the past behind you. The past is a heavy burden to drag around in your mind and heart. When you release your past to God, you can receive the freedom and peace that He offers you.